Mark Polk, is a 25-plus year veteran in the RV industry. He worked in every facet of the industry for years including, a RV salesperson, RV sales manager, and F&I manager. If you follow his advice and information in these RV buying courses you will purchase the right RV the first time, and literally save thousands of dollars in the process. Buying an RV is the second largest purchase most people will ever make. If you are not educated on the RV buying process it can turn out to be the worst purchase you ever make. It’s unfortunate, but this happens to thousands of people every year. This course was designed specifically to keep this from happening to you. There are two major goals these courses will accomplish; they will help you buy the right RV the first time, and help you save thousands of dollars during the RV buying process.

How to Buy & Save Thousands This video course starts by discussing the different types of RVs, and some common RV terminology. Next it helps you narrow all of the choices down, based on your individual needs. Lots of people select the wrong RV because they make a hasty buying decision, or because they don’t understand how the RV buying process works. There are 3 downloads included in the course, one is a customer preference worksheet, one is a comparison shopping checklist, and one is a valuable RV Buyer’s Checklist. The downloads assist you in selecting and buying the right RV the first time. Next, we get to the good stuff; understanding the RV selling process and how the manufacturer figures the MSRP. Understanding these two topics, and how trade-in values work is the part of the course that teaches you how to save thousands of dollars when you buy your RV. The only thing left is understanding how the finance department operates, so you don’t lose what you already saved when you arrange the financing. This course will navigate you through the entire RV buying process, teaching you what to avoid and how to come out on top. 


Insider’s Guide to Buying an RV is an E-book course. Mark Polk worked as an RV salesperson and RV sales manager, and knows the entire RV buying process from A to Z. This is how he explained it. “Purchasing an RV is a major investment, similar to an automobile or house. It is important that you understand all of your options when you make the decision to buy an RV. What type of RV should you buy? What size RV should you buy? Should you buy a new or used RV? How much is the RV worth? How do you finance the RV? These are just a few of the questions you will get answers to in my Insider’s Guide to Buying an RV e-book course. My goal with this course is to make you an informed and educated RV buyer so you get it right the first time.”

RV Buyer’s Survival Guide You can purchase this RV buyer’s guide as a paperback book or an e-book. It is not an e-book course. Mark is the co-author of the RV Buyer’s Survival Guide. With his extensive experience as both an RV sales manager and F&I manager this book is a must read for anybody considering buying an RV. The RV Buyer’s Survival Guide paperback and The RV Buyer’s Survival Guide e-book

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